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Sign up and gain platform access
Sign up and gain platform access
Get Virtual Money to buy and sell
Get Virtual Money to buy and sell
Start investing and building your portfolio
Start investing and building your portfolio
Win real crypto prizes
Win real crypto prizes

Prizes to win

  • trophy-2
    WEEK 1: $10,000
  • trophy-2
    WEEK 2: $20,000
  • trophy-2
    WEEK 3: $30,000
  • trophy-2
    WEEK 4: $40,000
Show Summary

World’s first crypto game show

  • Get one million in virtual money to build your crypto portfolio
  • Real-time market prices, news, and educational content
  • Compete for PRIZES! Risk-free!
  • Invite friends, “trak” the top traders, and copy winning trades
  • Over 1000 crypto prize winners
The Show

How it works

  • Three Globally Based Anchors
  • anchor
  • Weekly Celebrity or Expert Appearances
  • guests
  • Interview with Top Players
  • top-players
  • Highlight and Reward Winners
  • winners
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Who joins TrakInvest?


Know the basics but want to improve? TrakInvest Enables Learners to gain an even better understanding of the markets. Build your portfolio and knowledge base with zero risk. Boost your learning by following peers and try your hand at simulations. Enroll in the GOTC program to certify your trading skills.


First time in the world of investing? TrakInvest is here to guide complete beginners through the crypto markets and aim to kick-off the learning process. The simple interface and helpful content will ease you into the world of trading. It’s easier than it looks. Join students from 100 universities participating in learning how to be a crypto trade.

Pro Investors

TrakInvest gives Pro Investors access to real-time market data from multiple global exchanges to trade. Manage your portfolio like an expert, test your investment strategies, leverage analytics/social tools and compete in simulations against other top traders to earn great crypto prizes.

Play now

Do you have what it takes to be the next King of Crypto?

Join a growing community of 50 million global crypto traders to compete for weekly prize pools! Sign up now for just $20/month for multiple chances to win big and be a part of our thrice weekly show. Use our state of the art platform to watch, track, and learn what other winners are trading to get a leg up on the competition.

Have questions?

Frequently asked Questions

Who can join and play?

Everyone can! The TrakInvest TrakCrypto show invites everyone, no matter where they’re from or who they are, to come play and compete in the show! Anyone could be a winner, will you be one?

How do I join?

Just sign up using the link above and you’re automatically entered! Starting at the first of the month everyone will be give $1 million in play money to invest and every week, the top performs and most improved will win prizes! There are other ways to win prizes however, such as random draws and playing our mini games.

What is TrakInvest and the TrakCrypto Show?

TrakInvest is an online platform designed to get people involved with trading. The TrakCrypto show looks to engage people from all parts of the world and walks of life in trading, learning about, and gaining insights on cryptocurrencies.

Previous Winners

The TrakInvest Show Season 1 RockStars

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